About The Lykos Group, Inc.

We created our website as a tool you can use to educate yourself about the remodeling process.  By providing you with the right information, you can make educated decisions about remodeling to create that dream space of yours -- whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom, or the complete makeover of your home.

Questions and Concerns
Most of the time people don't know where to begin with the remodeling process.  Commonly asked questions include: "How can I be sure I will get what I want?", "How can I be sure I am charged a fair value market price?" "Does the job typically take longer than promised, causing an extended inconvenience for me and my family?"

What You Need To Know
The valid concerns listed above were expressed by several clients. In our industry, there are many qualified professionals that perform quality work, on time, within budget and to their customers' satisfaction. There are also some companies who do not possess the proper professional qualifications.
To determine if you are dealing with a qualified firm, you should consider the following questions: Is the firm located close to the project so they understand the laws and codes of the municipality in which the project will be completed? Does the firm have the appropriate liability insurance? Does the firm have a general contractor license or the required license and certification for the type of work they will be doing? Your local Building Industry Association can serve as a valuable resource for finding qualified contractors. In Naples, you can visit the Collier Building Industry Association's website at www.cbia.net.

What the Other Company Isn't Telling You
When choosing a remodeling company, you need to know that some firms may present you a bid for your job that may not accurately reflect the final cost of the project. Look carefully at allowances and make sure they accurately reflect the level of finish that you desire. For example, in a luxury kitchen remodel, if you have specified that you want top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, make sure the allowance is on par with that cost and doesn't assume a standard white-on-white appliance package.

We Offer
At The Lykos Group, Inc., we pride ourselves on a proven custom Design/Build process that focuses on your needs and allows you to work with a single trusted source for every detail of your home's remodel -- from the initial consultation to your approval of the final design to the finished project. Whether you want to update a single living area or have decided to completely transform your entire home, you can rest assured that The Lykos Group, Inc. experience will be as seamless as possible, respecting your personal schedule and budget. Our goal is to bring your vision to life and deliver you the home of your dreams to your complete satisfaction.

Thomas X. Lykos

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