Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling at The Lykos Group, Inc.

At The Lykos Group, Inc., our full-service, award-winning construction and design experts have specializde in the custom remodeling of commercial buildings in Naples, Florida as well as in Estero and Fort Myers, FL since 1990. Our expertise and experience in creating spaces to fit special needs and requirements is thoughtfully custom-designed for your specific industry.  We provide quality and courteous service with commercial remodels of exteriors and interiors in Naples area businesses to create better working spaces or to update and improve the curb appeal.

Club Houses are essential to residential communities, serving as venues for social camaraderie.  Additions of formal and casual dining rooms overlooking the golf course and renovationa of the existing facility, including: main entrance, ballrooms and common areas are just some of the examples of club house remodeling projects The Lykos Group, Inc. can complete to enhance and ultimately produce more spectacular venues for residents to socialize and enjoy.

Offices and Retail space remodeling requires more attention to design as well as traffic and work patterns. And since office and retail space is usually more expensive to rent — because of the location — space has to be on the minds of designers at all times.
There are as many types of offices and retail spaces as there are any other commercial designs, and most have different functions. The Lykos Group, Inc. works closely and has a strong background in understanding these special needs.

Medical Offices are remodeled keeping in mind that the design of the space is key for health care providers share with the public. A medical office design is focused around a waiting room that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the patients while they are actually seen by a doctor in a private setting, allowing them to talk to the medical professionals.

Dental Offices are also remodeled keeping in mind that the design is for providers of health services to the public. A dental office, on the other hand, is more wide open because several people may be assisting the dentist. Also, the services provided by the dentist require semi-private rather than solitary care, so the layout is typically different. The Lykos Group, Inc.  specializes in helping you to create a space that will meet the comfort needs of your patients.

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