Construction Defects Remediation

Construction Defects Remediation

Construction defect conditions can negatively affect a building or structure by reducing its value or causing unsafe living and/or working environments. The Lykos Group, Inc.  specializes in defects remediation by assessing the situation and serving as a liaison between you, your insurance company and/or attorney to mitigate the damage and perform the appropriate reconstruction, always keeping your best interest in mind.

Water Intrusion in residential and commercial buildings is typically caused by water penetration through the building's exterior sources such as groundwater, rainwater, irrigation sprinklers, etc.

The possible causes of water intrusion are often difficult to accurately pinpoint, but The Lykos Group, Inc.'s expertise and knowledge in construction techniques allows them to find the cause and fix it immediately to avoid cumulative structural damage that can result from an ongoing water intrusion problem.

Structural Failures can be a result of many incidences such as collapses, construction defects, electrical failures, hurricanes, storm surge, etc.  The Lykos Group, Inc. 's are experts at conducting tests and to determine the best solution to the problem.

Window/Door Failures are sometimes inevitable from constant use and exposure to the elements. Years of use can bring weather stripping causing the hardware and the door and frame materials to fail or deteriorate.  The Lykos Group, Inc.  will help you determine the best solution whether it be to repair or replace the window or door.  Repairs are typically inexpensive, but come with a short-term result while replacement can be costly, it can save energy and provide savings in the future.

Roof Failures are bound to happen over time with the elements, but if initial small deterioration goes unrecognized other roof failures just compound the situation. If roof failure is addressed initially and controlled, it can prevent costly replacement in the end.  Renovation can prevent and reverse this situation by providing corrective maintenance allowing the roof to perform well for many years. 

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