Pelican Bay Homes and Condos

Trusted experience
in Pelican Bay

As one of the most premier and prestigious communities in Naples, Pelican Bay is also home to many of The Lykos Group’s home and condo renovation projects. Lykos also builds new homes and condos in Pelican Bay. In fact, we are currently working on our second custom home build, which originally began as a full-home remodel.


We’re so thankful we stepped into the Lykos Group office when we did! You are TRULY a top-notch construction and remodeling firm, and we are so very grateful we chose you to turn our out-of-date condo into the Florida home of our dreams!

Anne and Art Hartman

You and your company have never, ever let us down. Thank you for the years of kindness, efforts you have made and your never-ending expertise that you have shown us.

JoAnne Boone

Lykos went above and beyond to help me. My compliments for building a company with such a customer service culture.

Bill Grafstrom

It has been smooth sailing since the moment we started the project. All in all it’s been a great ride and I love my remodeled villa!

Janis Siegel

Lykos Shows Up

Unlike many builders, The Lykos Group routinely attends Pelican Bay’s Architect Review Committee meetings. This not only keeps us familiar with the community’s review process, but also leads to faster approvals and stronger partnerships.

Whether it’s a renovation or teardown, our close collaboration, detailed scheduling and meticulous process are at the heart of each and every project. This distinct approach has led to the most stunning results and delighted clients in Southwest Florida for over 25 years.

“Sometimes a renovation evolves into a new home build. Our experience allows us to guide Pelican Bay clients in choosing the right option.”

– Tom Lykos, Principal